by Christine Joice C. Cudis (

DAVAO City Health Office (CHO) prioritizes health facility enhancement, population management, and environmental sanitation among their projects lined up for completion this 2016.

Aside from the immunization of more than 10,000 children who did not receive the vaccines last year, CHO vows to improve access to quality hospitals and health care facilities.

Government-owned and operated hospitals are to be upgraded to accommodate more patients and house up-to-date facilities.

“Huge percentage of the government’s budget goes to the hospitals so we could provide better health care and assistance to those who needs it,” said City Health Officer Dr. Josephine Villafuerte.

At present, there are already 17 established health centers in the city. It houses birthing facilities and machines for the treatment of tuberculosis patients.

However, some of the centers which are still under construction were temporarily put to stop as the budget is still to come on February.

Meanwhile, CHO will concentrate on conducting immunization to children below 12 months, population management, and environmental sanitation.